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Judean Desert: Ancient Meditation Retreat

The Judean Desert has long been a sacred destination for prophets, sages, mystics and hermits. John the Baptist, Elijah the

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The 5 Brainwave Frequencies

Using sound therapy while floating, you can activate theta brainwaves and effortlessly enter a meditative state. Here you’ll find the

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Meditations from the Essenes

No! This is Israel, 2000 years ago. These peace-loving people were members of an esoteric Jewish sect known as the

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Teaching Yoga Poses: The Zero gravity Advantage

Research indicates that exercise performed in the water can expand range of motion by more than 30%. But in the

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What’s Better Than a Float Tank for Deep Meditation?

Float tanks have become increasingly popular over the past few years, and for good reason. Floating effortlessly in a pool

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Perfect Alignment in Yoga: The Dead Sea Advantage

Proper alignment in yoga is critical. On a physical level, the body and its many parts should work together, in

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